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Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. (PMTI) is a company that provides convenient packaged services designed for the individual who is seeking cost-effective medical and wellness programs outside his country of residence.

Led by a group of men and women with combined leadership experience and management expertise in healthcare administration, travel, hotel, business process outsourcing, marketing and leisure facilities management, PMTI has done extensive research on the emerging medical tourism industry and envisions the Philippines to be the destination of choice of medical travelers.

PMTI is currently affiliated with top hospitals, specialty clinics, hotels and resorts in the country today.  We seek to expand our network of partnerships with other medical and leisure facilities to continually enhance our offerings for integration services.  We work only with government and internationally accredited establishments because as an integrator, we never compromise when it comes to caring for your health and wellness.

Our catchphrase of "holding your hand through it all" sums up our role in that we are here to guide the medical traveler from the moment he decides to come here until he gets home.

PMTI is an accredited institution of the Department of Tourism and the Philippine Tour Operators Association and affiliated with the Department of Health.