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The PMTI Advantage


  • PMTI does not add on hospital or doctor’s fees. Hospitals and doctors will quote the same rate if you go direct to them.
  • PMTI being a partner with the first-rate hotels and resorts pass on to you the discounted rate given to PMTI.
  • PMTI accepts VISA and MasterCard.
  • Having PMTI arrange your medical travel will not only make you save money but will free you from the hassle of arranging everything. PMTI will make your medical holiday stress free.


  • PMTI works only with the world-class hospitals and clinics in the country.
  • PMTI is partnered with many US or UK trained and/or board certified doctors.
  • PMTI will help you decide on which doctor you want for your procedure. We will send you resumes of different doctors for you to check their experience and credentials.
  • PMTI will send all your questions and concerns to the doctor of choice even before leaving your country. We can arrange communication with the doctor through email / phone call / chat room based on his availability.


  • The partners and management group of PMTI are highly experienced in the fields of healthcare, hotel and restaurant management, service and leisure facilities management. We know how to care for you while you are in the Philippines.
  • PMTI will assist you if you need an extension on your visa.
  • PMTI will help update and communicate with your loved ones back home on your condition.
  • PMTI will provide you with a cellular phone free of charge with the PMTI office, personal assistant and emergency numbers during your stay.
  • PMTI will provide translators, caregivers and nurses if needed.
  • PMTI works closely with its partners to provide seamless service.


  • Each client will be given a personal assistant to assist him or her with his or her needs.
  • The PA will pick you up and bring you to and from the airport.
  • You can request for a personal assistant for the entire length of your stay.
  • The personal assistant will make sure that you are always in safe hands.


  • The Philippine Department of Tourism
  • The Philippine Tour Operators Association
  • The Philippine Department of Health
  • The American Medical Tourism Association

PMTI: “Holding your hand through it all” from start to finish.