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PMTI is composed of a group of individuals with diverse business and corporate backgrounds.  Members of the management team have combined leadership experience and expertise in health administration, travel, hotel, IT management, business process outsourcing marketing,  restaurant management, and leisure facilities management.

We are integrators of all services required by a patient when he flies into the Philippines on a health holiday. His medical travel package is customized from the time he leaves his country of residence until he returns home. 

We are aligned with the country’s premiere hospitals and clinics and have selected board-certified doctors who are US-trained with well-known reputations and international credentials which guarantee for our clients world-class healthcare available in the Philippines today.

Partnerships have been arranged with airlines, travel agencies, hotels, tour operators, and resorts and we have existing agreements with other such entities as transport firms, golf clubs, and spas which all offer specialized services adding to the holiday amenities that can be enjoyed by the patient making his recuperation an enjoyable experience.

We are accredited by the Department of Tourism and the Philippine Tour Operators Association as well as affiliated with the Department of Health.

PMTI’s offers integration services for the following medical procedures:

  • Cardiology and Cardiac surgery
  • Transplant surgery
  • Weight-loss and Metabolic surgeries
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Ophthalmology procedures
  • Dental procedures
  • Wellness programs
  • Executive check-ups
  • Alternative medicine care

We offer comprehensive medical travel programs designed in such a way that the patient only needs to identify the medical procedure he requires and from there, a wide array of choices will be made available to him, from the medical facility and doctor to the type of holiday he prefers not only for himself but for his traveling companions as well.  Our packages ranging from the standard to the premiere may be selected depending on the client’s preference.  Through extensive research, we have gained the knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients a safe and pleasurable medical travel experience.

Our vision is to be the best integrator in the medical tourism industry and we intend to realize this by our dedication to provide quality and sincere service to our clients.