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How we do it

  • There are 3 ways of getting in touch us:

    • by completing our online inquiry form on the Contact Us page
    • by emailing us at
    • by calling us at (310) 878 4877.
  • Our representative will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.  We will work with you by answering all your questions and addressing all your concerns. We want you to be as knowledgeable as you possibly can so that you  may arrive at a well-informed decision on coming to the Philippines for your treatment of choice.

  • You may fill out our questionnaire online regarding the type of package you wish to avail of or we may do it for you over the phone. Once this is done, we can give you an estimate cost of the health holiday package at this time based on the procedure and the type of accommodations you wish to have.

  • Once you have made your decision to come here, we shall be sending you information on doctors and hospital and clinic facilities. You will have to choose your preferred doctor, hospital/clinic facility, and accommodations at this time. Possible travel dates are also requested at this time to see which doctors are available (most doctors have scheduled seminars outside of the country for about a month during the year)

  • You will receive a price quotation on the health holiday package which would include:

    • the cost of the procedure and all doctor’s fees

    • hospital stay

    • hotel accommodations

    • transportation

    • our services

These 3 things will occur simultaneously

  • A surgery date will be set up with your chosen doctor and facility. At this time, you might need to send copies of any or all of pertinent medical transcripts, x-rays, results, etc. to your selected doctor. Any questions you might have for your doctor may be communicated to him at this time through email or telephone which we will arrange.

  • We may book your air travel for you or you may opt to do that yourself(We can assist you with any travel documentation such as passport and visa application).

  • We will book your hotel accommodations.

  • We send payment details

  • Once payment is confirmed, an acknowledgement and receipt shall be sent to you.

  • We confirm all bookings for surgery, air travel and hotel

  • We will send you your itinerary once all details are finalized.

  • Your very own personal assistant welcomes you at the airport and gives you our welcome kit which includes

    • Your itinerary while in town

    • Cellular phone for local use

    • Information on getting around in Manila

    • Information on tourist destinations in the Philippines

  • Your personal assistant will be taking care of your every need, from accompanying you to your medical appointments to assisting you with hotel check-out. Any and all concerns should be addressed to your personal assistant.

  • Pre-surgery consultation with your doctor. Additional tests, if required, are done at this time.

  • Surgery procedure.

  • Post-surgery recuperation

  • Post-surgery holiday. With the doctor’s permission, you will be allowed to enjoy some of the attractions our country has to offer.

  • Return home