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2010 News

Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics is PMTI's newest partner

Japan's #1 cosmetic surgery chain and world's largest Intralasik eye surgery provider is here and now an affiliate of PMTI. Two decades of implementing the highest safety standards and providing quality care for more than 2.2 million satisfied clients in Japan and all over the world.  Shinagawa is the only one that offers the IntraLASIK method which is a 100% blade-free technique using high precision laser at a very reasonable price.

CNN features Marinduque as a future tourist hotspot

Visit this page and read about Marinduque being touted as a top future tourist hotspot:

Google Translator Feature

Our website now has a Google translator feature found on each web page.  This feature supports 51 languages and allows you to instantly translate text and pages for easier access to the information on our site. Just scroll down to the bottom of each web page bottom and select your preferred language!



2009 News

PMTI attended the 2nd World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress

PMTI once again participated in the Medical Tourism Association's World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress held in Los Angeles, California last October 26-28, 2009. Over the course of three days, the annual global conference featured approximately 1,500 attendees from 45 countries.  The event proved to be a great opportunity to network with people from the public and private sectors, health insurance companies, self-funded employers and insurance agents. companies, self-funded companies and Third Party Administrators.  It was a great occasion to learn, share knowledge and create new business relationships, as well as, to showcase what our country and PMTI as medical travel facilitators can offer and do for the medical traveler.

PMTI Partners with the Department of Health


Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. is working hand in hand with the Department of Health (DOH) in the area of medical tourism.  PMTI conveys their observations and provides recommendations based on what they see in the country’s health facilities and services performed.  In the same manner, the DOH issues guidelines to all involved sectors in the medical tourism industry such that the country’s goal of being THE destination for medical travel is attained.



“In Good Hands” - PMTI in the Medical Tourism Magazine

The Medical Tourism magazine is a monthly journal published in the United States serving the global healthcare industry.   It has readership from all parts of the world and features the services of its select members as well as information on the emerging trends and destinations pertaining to medical travel. 


The 8th issue (February 2009) of the magazine featured an article on PMTI as the country’s pioneer in the area of medical travel facilitation and integration and how it is aiming to be the standard for all emerging medical travel facilitator companies in the Philippines.



PMTI in the Business Mirror Forum (March 2009)


The Business Mirror forum held at the newspaper’s offices last March gathered the country’s leading hospital and government officials involved in the medical tourism industry.  PMTI, represented by Eva Trinidad and Joel Garcia, president and director respectively, were there to represent the medical travel facilitators. 


A unified marketing message, stronger public- and private-sector collaboration, infrastructure spending as well as better data-collection efforts are needed to bring the country’s medical tourism sector to the next level.  These were among the recommendations shared by the select group to be at par with other countries in the region. 



PMTI in the The Business Mirror Special Report  “Nurturing Touch, Sunshine and Surgery”


The Business Mirror came out with a special report in its March 26, 2009 issue.  It presented the country’s efforts in positioning itself as a major player in the multibillion-dollar global medical tourism industry.  PMTI spoke on medical tourism in the Philippines and the high quality services it provides the traveling patients.





Cebu Pacific’s Inflight Magazine features PMTI in its June issue

Smile, Cebu Pacific’s Inflight magazine, features PMTI and medical tourism in an article entitled “Happy New You” for its June issue.  It enumerated some of the most popular procedures (for medical, cosmetic and wellness treatments) that balikbayans and foreigners alike choose to take advantage of here in the Philippines because of the cost savings they realize.  PMTI was tapped to assist the writer by providing much of the information for the feature being the country’s pioneer and consistently credible facilitator companies in the field of health travel planning.

2008 News

PMTI Works Closely With The Department of Tourism

PMTI keeps in close touch with the Department of Tourism on their Medical and Wellness Travel programs.  We would like to make special mention of the Office of Sports and Wellness Tourism who has been very supportive of our objectives of making the Philippines the hub for wellness tourism, not only for Asia but also the United States and Europe.

PMTI believes that with the support of the Department of Tourism and their programs, we are on the right track in putting the Philippines on the world map for its Wellness Programs.

PMTI is the VERY FIRST Philippine Member of the Medical Tourism Association in the United States

PMTI applied and was readily accepted as a member of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) which is an organization that delivers information on Global Healthcare, transparency on quality of care and outcome issues, and promotes the highest level of quality care.  Their monthly magazine, Medical Tourism magazine, is a source of information on the worldwide medical tourism happenings and trends.  The Association creates a forum for the industry and guides the players in the right direction.

PMTI attended the World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress

PMTI was a participant in the Medical Tourism Association's annual conference in San Francisco, California where over 800 attendees from 45 countries attended.  The event provided a great opportunity to network with people who represented organizations of key interest that could further medical tourism in the country, such as insurance companies, self-funded companies and Third Party Administrators.  It was a great occasion to showcase what we as a company and what the Philippines can offer and do for the medical traveler. 

PMTI partners with two of the Country's Foremost Names in Healthcare Providers

PMTI has recently signed an agreement with Makati Medical Center and The Medical City that would welcome its medical travelers and provide them with first-rate healthcare.  The country's finest doctors practice in their very modern hospital facilities with state of the art equipment ensuring that the medical traveler will get the best quality care possible in the Philippines. 

PMTI teams up with a Third Party Administrator to service patients availing of Health Plan benefits

PMTI has secured the services of a Third Party Administrator to ably provide Insurance Companies this much needed check and balance system when sending their members here for medical treatment.  Foreign-based patients whose coverage permits them to seek medical care and treatment abroad will not have to worry about paperwork, follow-ups with their insurance providers and communicating with the necessary offices when availing of their benefits.  This is a much needed service for the members and very welcomed by the Insurance companies who do not have satellite offices to handle their members' numerous claims, benefits and requirements. 

PMTI attended "Embracing Health and Wellness in the Heart of Asia"  - Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel,  October 22-25, 2008

The 4-day Health and Wellness Tourism Summit hosted by the Department of Tourism presented insights into the state of globalized health care and wellness in the 21st century, and the benefits it brings.  It was an opportunity that gathered together experts and policymakers from the government and health and wellness sectors to identify areas of greatest concern in establishing world-class health and wellness infrastructure, present global opportunities for the industry, and finally, reveal the country's national branding and positioning vis-a-vis the strategic direction of global health and wellness tourism industry.

The summit had an impressive lineup of speakers such as Dr. Sanjiv Malik, Chief Executive of Max Healthcare, Dr. Sam Bernal, a doctor, lawyer, molecular biologist and an expert in regenerative medicine and Dr. Noah McKay, best-selling author of "Wellness at Warp Speed."

PMTI President speaks at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Business Conference and Expo  -  Manila Hotel,  October 20-22, 2008

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a Business Conference and Expo.  Since tourism is one of the most viable industries that contribute to the continuous growth of our economy, a segment of the conference was dedicated to it with the theme of "Effective Strategies in Managing Tourism Investments."  Eva A. Trinidad, PMTI President, was invited to speak on Medical Tourism and was a guest panelist during the tourism segment of the conference, together with the heads of other tourism-related industries, such as the Spa and Retirement industries and Gov. Luis Villafuerte of Camarines Sur.