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Our Services

PMTI has a wealth of services to offer the medical traveler.   By completing our online inquiry form or calling us at our U.S. number, (310) 878 4877, we will be offering our support and provide you with the answers to all your questions and concerns.  You will be receiving an abundance of pertinent information for you to make an informed decision on your procedure and our facilities.

We will be providing you information on:

  • your desired procedure
  • hospitals and clinics
  • doctors
  • hotels

Because we want you to be 100% sure of your decision to come to the Philippines, we can facilitate communication with your doctor so as to remove any doubts and uncertainties of traveling for medical reasons.

Once you have decided to come here, we can assist you with your travel documents, air travel and hotel booking. 

As soon as you arrive, you will be welcomed by your very own personal assistant who shall be at your service throughout your stay.  She shall be accompanying you to all your pre and post medical consults and taking care of all that you might need. 

You will also be given the following:

  • private, chauffered-driven airport transfers
  • transportation to and from the hospital for all consults and the procedure itself
  • a cellular phone for local use so as to facilitate communication between us
  • welcome kit which would include useful information on getting around Manila
  • nurses, caregivers, and nannies, if needed
  • translators, if needed

Because we know that each person is different, all of our medical holiday packages are customized to suit the individual’s needs.  Let PMTI do the work for you so that you may have a worry-free medical travel holiday!