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Stem Cell Bank & Procedures

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE:  Bringing Back Vitality to Life

Regenerative Medicine is an innovative program that involves the engineering of living cells, tissues and organs to preserve and enhance organ function and improve the quality of life.  Proponents of the treatment say it can be used to prevent disease and maintain wellness, as well as restore organ function lost or impaired due to disease, injury or aging.

It is a procedure that allows the patient to, quite literally, be his own healer. 

The key lies in stem cells or "master cells" which have the ability to grow into any one of the body's 200 cell types or sensitized to attack diseased cells, including malignant tumors.  They can replicate themselves many times over and theoretically, do so without limit, so long as the person is alive.

Therein lays the power of the treatment.  "Instead of relying on toxic chemicals to combat disease or donated organs to restore lost function, we're using the patients' cells to combat their cancers or regenerate their own organs," explains Dr. Samuel Bernal, consultant adviser on Regenerative Medicine Program for The Medical City.

The unique properties of stem cells have spurred worldwide interest in research on possible treatment for disease such as cancer, kidney failure, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, spinal cord injury, stroke, burns, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.  With stem cell treatment, healthy unspecific or undifferentiated cells are extracted from the patient and, under complex laboratory conditions, induced to transform into cells with highly specialized functions.

"But the purpose of Regenerative Medicine is not only to treat patients who are already ill but also prevent disease," he added.  Thus, wellness and aesthetic applications of Regenerative Medicine are also available.

Indeed, with the ever-growing range of treatments available, a constant dialog between patient and doctor allows each to consider the unique circumstances of the case, and agree on a plan of care most appropriate to these circumstances.  With Regenerative Medicine, the approach is even more personalized, as it responds to the patient's uniqueness at the level of his own cells.

People experiencing ailments, which before have no known cure, and people looking to prevent disease, can now look into the future with a new sense of hope.  With the latest discoveries in regenerative medicine, the life expectancy in dreaded conditions is held in abeyance.