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We salute Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc (PMTI) and we share in their vision of making the Philippines a mecca for medical health and wellness tourism.  We are proud to be their partner in promoting our medical providers and facilities and the beauty of our country to foreigners seeking medical treatments and wellness programs in the Philippines.

Yours in wellness,


Assistant Secretary
Sports and Wellness Tourism
Department of Tourism




The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) welcomes PMTI into its association and acknowledges our mutual goals in furthering medical tourism to the Philippines and strengthening our position in the industry. 

(Click on the link below to see the MTA letter)

Medical Tourism Association's letter to PMTI



Recently, I visited the Manila area and needed to secure a car, hotel and appointments with local hospitals for review.  I was performing research for my company Premiere Medical Travel, and my MBA program.  Joel and his staff were excellent.  Mobile phone, car, hotel and appointments were all arranged as needed.

I would recommend PMTI's service for anyone considering Manila as a destination.  For Medical Concierge services or other prearranged reservation, etc.  They are professional, timely and very pleasant.

Jim McCormick, MD
Premiere Medical Travel


I was already in the country when I learned of PMTI, being curious about alternative medicine, I tried 2 acupuncture and acupressure treatments for my lower back and right wrist.  Everything was totally safe and professional.  I was seen by a general practitioner first.  She also answered all my questions regarding the background for Chinese treatments.  During the entire session, an interpreter was present and since I didn't speak any Chinese, he came in handy.  Overall, a great experience.  I will be coming back for more.

Thank you PMTI and We Medicus!

Gerry Raphael



My name is Errol Bugarin.  I am 37 years of age.  I live in Perth, Western Australia.  In late October, I wanted to enquire about having a cosmetic procedure done in February 2009.  As I was searching the internet for information on the procedure I wanted done.  The capital of the Philippines (Manila) came up as the best place to have it done, with these highly qualified Western-trained doctors and lower fees for cosmetic surgery.


Continuing my search, I found the details for Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. (PMTI),

I sent an email regarding the type of procedure I wanted done (follicular transplant) and within 2 days, Janice Macapagal at PMTI had contacted me with the name of a doctor that specializes in my procedure.  PMTI asked me what dates would suit me to come to Manila in the Philippines, then matched those dates with the doctor.


I could not believe how easy it was for me to have the procedure I wanted.  PMTI handles everything, from booking my hotel accommodation, all the medical preparations and even booking airfares if needed.  I had a full itinerary booked for me.


Going to a different country for a surgical procedure can be a very scary thing to consider, but with PMTI handling all the preparation work, and the confidence and peace of mind that PMTI gives you is a great thing to know.


I was and still am so highly impressed by the great unequaled level of care, preparedness and effort both before you have your surgery done and afterwards.  PMTI has made this a truly wonderful and completely relaxing experience.  Knowing that PMTI will meet you at the airport, be there for you before and afterwards, as well, be there for all your needs while you recuperate, is wonderful and reassuring.  PMTI has given me the highest level of care, assistance, confidence, and  peace of mind, that is second to none.  I highly recommend everyone who comes to the Philippines for a cosmetic procedure, go through PMTI. 


Thank you PMTI!




Perth, Australia

February 7, 2009





I wanted to Thank Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. for setting me up with We Medicus. Recently I woke up with horrible pain in one of my teeth. I contacted Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. and within less than a hour I had a appointment all set up. Not only were Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. very professional but they were also very quick. My procedure was painless and not to mention i even fell asleep! They were so good they even gave me a pillow. Never have i fallen asleep at the dentist. I would have to recommend to everyone if you want fast, hassle free, professional service go straight to Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. Thank you We Medicus but most importantly Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc.!!


August 14, 2009


On a recent trip to the Philippines I developed an ear infection requiring the attention of an ENT. PMTI found a doctor for me the very same day. Not only did they get me an appointment on such short notice but the doctor, facility, and service were the best I've received anywhere in the world. I highly recommend their services to anyone needing medical attention in the Philippines. A very satisfied customer.

Julian Werts

Los Angeles, CA.

December 28, 2009