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TPA Services

Medical travel is now seriously being considered by health insurers and self-insured businesses due to the savings that can be realized.  Third Party Administration (TPA) becomes very important for these companies for them to be assured that their policy holders are protected and that the provisions in the policies are adhered to.

In view of this, PMTI made it a point to include TPA as one of their services so that we become a one stop shop.

Here are our service offerings:

  • Assisting your company in putting together a provider-network of doctors, signing them up and negotiating their fee structures
  • Assist in admittance and placing patients/employees under care of accredited doctors
  • Arranging telephone conference call(s) with chosen doctors
  • Finalizing patient's date of doctor's appointment and/or hospital stay and medical treatment
  • Arranging all accommodations and transportation requirements (including airport pick up and return)
  • Assistance during appointments, admittance and/or stay in the hospital
  • Informing your company of any developments in the care of the patient
  • Work out assisted care living arrangement for patients needing longer period of recuperation and arranging short term apartments for patients/their families
  • Arranging for tours, visits/stays in wellness centers, out of town trips for rest and relaxation, holiday for patient and/or family
  • Help your company determine provider settings, which are medically appropriate and offer cost-effective alternatives
  • Help your company develop quality improvement indicators to ensure timely responses to pre-certification
  • Issuance of pre-certification for your patients on all hospital visits and/or medical procedures
  • Identify the acuity of admission and length of stay based on Milliman Care Guidelines and according to common sense protocols in the Philippines
  • Explore options for cost-effective alternatives for delivery of healthcare services and anticipated outcome
  • If needed, consult the attending physicians if level of care can be changed, e.g., ICU to Tele to Med/Surg to SNF Unit or Home Health Care
  • Initiate utilization discharge planning on the day of admission
  • Monitor hospital stays and coordinate discharges and/or alternative care
  • Provide daily concurrent reports on all in-patient cases
  • Obtain daily hospital charges for lengthy admissions and identify non-covered charges for patient to pay on or before discharge
  • Obtain attending physician's medical indication for extended hospital days
  • Initiate home health care referral when appropriate
NOTE:     All providers may have their own specific requirments.  We are flexible enough to support whatever specific requirments providers may have.