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Why the Philippines

The Philippines and Medical Tourism

The Philippines is a natural destination for people seeking medical care outside of their country of residence.  It is centrally located in the Pacific rim and is easily accessible to the Asia Pacific countries including Australia.  It is a mere 12 hours air travel from the West Coast of the United States.The medical facilities and the medical practitioners in the Philippines are comparable and in some instances, better than those found in Western and Asian countries.  The doctors have specialty training in Western countries, mostly in the United States.  The nurses and caregivers are legendary in their tender loving care of patients.The Philippines has a lot to offer in supporting medical tourism.  Aside from hospitals and clinics that boast of world-class facilities and equipment and medical personnel with credentials that can surpass Western standards, the country has holiday destinations that are within an hour’s drive for great diving and mountain sceneries and a half-hour’s plane ride for powdery, white sands.  The medical traveler and his accompanying family or friends are assured of pleasurable activities that will occupy their time while here.  They can go on shopping trips, city tours, golf, diving, and other activities that can easily be arranged.  The traveler has numerous choices when it comes to island trips.  The traveler can avail of world-recognized and top-rated resorts or rustic out-of-the-way accommodations.




Photos courtesy of Department of Tourism