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Day Tours


Manila has a lot to offer the traveler who only has a few days to the country.  It is home to significant landmarks and surrounding cities steeped in history. A mere hour-or two-drive can take you to some breathtaking mountain sceneries and wonderful beaches.  The bustling nightlife is certainly one that both foreign and local guests can’t seem to get enough of.  Manila is indeed a place both familiar and fresh, yet definitely comfortable.


View of the Manila HarbourManila is home to some of the most stunning structures of the pre-Hispanic era.  There are several tours that revisit the historic charm of such cities as Intramuros, Downtown Manila, Binondo, Escolta, among others.  Humorous analyses and leisurely strolls through these historic places make for very interesting tours that even locals try to take.


Tall Volcano, TagaytayWith its cool climate and clean air, Tagaytay City is the perfect place for leisure activities like picnics, horseback riding, golfing, camping and sightseeing. It makes for a quick getaway for foreign visitors and most Filipinos alike because it offers a relaxing and safe haven where you can unwind and lay back after your long haul flight or stressful week.

Taal Volcano, reputed to be the world's smallest volcano, rests on a serene blue lake.  From Tagaytay, a trip can be arranged to the volcano island in the middle of Taal Lake. A trip to the volcano is recommended where one can even cook hard boiled eggs there, which makes for quite an experience visiting this great natural wonder.

Tagaytay is just a hop, skip and a jump from Manila.


Corregidor RuinsOne of the most celebrated battles of World War II took place in this tadpole-shaped island more than 60 years ago; but the thunderous roars of the guns reverberate as a whole new adventure unfolds in Corregidor.

Corregidor is the largest of the five islands between the shores of the legendary provinces of Bataan and Cavite, both homes to some of the country's beloved heroes.

The reminiscence of the Pacific War is one educational attraction of a trip to the island. Also to enjoy here is the experience of life amidst luscious green hills and pristine blue waters.

Photos courtesy of Department of Tourism