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Shopping Trips

Manila is home to shopping destinations for the discerning shopper.  There are several bargain meccas in the metropolis.


Greenhills Shopping CenterGreenhills Shopping Center is the Philippines' premier shopping, entertainment, and dining destination - with over 2,000 stores in a unique indoor/outdoor environment. Located just 15 minutes from the financial district of Makati, and minutes away from most hotels, Greenhills Shopping Greenhills Shopping CenterCenter is a worthwhile destination in itself for visitors and residents alike. 

It is renowned for the huge bargains and great finds that one can get.  They have everything that anyone can think of, from clothes, bags, shoes, toys, furniture, antiques to jewelry…  Truly a shopper’s paradise!


TiendesitasTiendesitas is Manila’s newest shopping and family entertainment destination.  It caters to foreign and domestic shoppers looking for the best Philippine products. It showcases the best that the Philippines can offer - native food, fashion wear and accessories, furniture, antiques, handicrafts, personal care and novelty items, pets, plants, and other locally made products. More than 450 traders, mostly entrepreneurs from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are offering specialty merchandise.


DivisoriaFor the longest time, Divisoria has been the mecca of value shopping. Back in the day, it was known for narrow alleys, filthy streets and second-rate goods. Now, it is more popular than ever as a friendlier shopping area that has not lost its main attraction through the years: best value for the peso. It even goes by the nickname "Divi," as with "Bora" for Boracay.

Because it is big, busy, and always buzzing with activity, it is easy to get lost in with the sheer number of merchants and their merchandise. Go here if you have time to spare and you’re game for some serious walking.

Divisoria At the Divisoria Mall where the walkways are still narrow but nevertheless breathable, you will find its three floors and a basement packed with everything you could possibly need: from the basics of clothing, shoes, and personal effects to the little whatnots you would want upon first seeing them.

The secret to getting the most for your money is to haggle.  Make sure to come armed with cash (credit cards are useless here), lots of hours to kill, energy to spend, and a grim determination to survive the chaotic human traffic. Perhaps it's best to go with an assistant, a tour guide, towelettes or hankies or wet wipes, closed shoes, a full stomach for your Divi adventure.

168 MALL

168 Shopping Mall168 is an ideal place for all bargain hunters, budget conscious shoppers or typical mall habitués with a knack for something extra special. It's there where you can buys cheap bags, shoes, accessories, dresses, makeup kits, shirts, mp3 players, tools and electronic items at168 Shopping Mall such unbelievably low prices.  You may practice your haggling or bargaining skills here to get a lower price and as with other bargain malls, goods are paid for in cash.

 The mall was named as such simply because that this number is believed to be lucky by the Chinese. 168 in Chinese means "road to prosperity" or "continue being prosperous."

Photos courtesy of Department of Tourism