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The Philippines is fast gaining the reputation as a haven of spa and wellness centers. In the recent Spa Asia Crystal Awards in Singapore recently, two of the country’s spas which are listed below were awarded Best Retreat, Best Holistic Healing Program, Best New Age Activity and Best Rejuvenation Program.

The growing health and lifestyle consciousness certainly sets the standards for our spas. Discover the healing touches and unique therapies that would bring total improvement to the person.

The Farm at San Benito

The FarmThis is not your typical farm where animals are raised for food. What is raised on The Farm at San Benito is the level of health consciousness, and what is cultivated is a change in outlook. It is a realization that regaining or improving health is possible, and that natural methods are effective in restoring balance and vitality.

The Farm at San Benito, the Hippocrates Health Institute of Asia, is a fully integrated medical facility specializing in alternative, non-Western techniques of diagnosing and treating illnesses and diseases of the mind and body. It is a center for holistic medicine, spirituality and living foods where the development of the total person is the goal. Guests are encouraged to indulge in a variety of activities that rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. From simple massage therapies to fully structured weeks-long alternative medical healing programs, any amount of time spent at The Farm is a step closer towards living a fuller, healthier life.

Mandala Spa

Mandala SpaMandala Spa & Villas ushers in a new era in spa culture. Set in one of the country’s most beautiful islands, Boracay, the culture that pervades is one of beauty and wellness, serenity and tranquility, where each guest is constantly enveloped in an environment leading towards personal growth. Each moment spent at Mandala Spa & Villas is a sanctuary for the soul. Through its carefully designed villas, one sees the beauty of creation while healing and rejuvenating spa therapies become the vehicle by which one experiences oneself.

Hidden Valley Springs

Mandala SpaDrive through the countryside South of Manila to a unique place called Hidden Valley. It’s bewitching vegetation flourishes in an 110-hectare crater 300 feet deep believed to have been formed by violent volcanic upheaval thousands of years ago. A private resort that boasts of a virgin forest, century old trees, natural water springs, wild orchids, and a hidden waterfall with a sight to behold. Several natural spring pools are available for dipping to guarantee a well-spent day.

Photos courtesy of Department of Tourism